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We hope is to provide all students with a positive experience of learning Maths and to support all students to achieve their potential. Our aim in mathematics is to ensure that all students gain fluency in mathematical reasoning and problem solving in order to prepare our students for everyday life and future employment

Learners will:

• Develop mathematical knowledge and skills
• Select and apply techniques to solve problems
• Reason mathematically and draw conclusions
• Read and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms

We provide a broad and balanced Maths curriculum, in line with the National Curriculum. Students have the opportunity to learn about number, algebra, ratio, geometry, probability and statistics. The structure and sequence of our curriculum is set out in our Curriculum planning documents. Topics are sequenced to allow students to make links between their current and prior learning and, in doing so, build and deepen their mathematical knowledge.

Students sometimes arrive at our school with gaps in their prior learning in Maths, for a variety of reasons. We understand that this has the potential to affect a student’s confidence, enjoyment and progress in this subject. Our curriculum is designed to give teachers the flexibility to identify and address gaps so that all students can learn and make progress. At its core, our curriculum is a series of ‘progress ladders’ which map out, in detail, the progression in facts, procedural knowledge and conceptual understanding that will give students the best chance of developing proficiency. These ladders provide teachers with a tool against which to assess students’ prior learning and then to adapt lessons according to individual students’ needs. So, whilst all students in a class may be working on broadly the same topic, each student’s work can be adapted, for example through personalised work, differentiated questioning or mini lessons. Students are then given regular opportunities to embed important facts and practise the skills they have learned.

At KS3 our focus is on ensuring that students are fluent in the fundamentals of Maths, giving them the best preparation and confidence for progressing to GCSE study and beyond. At KS4, students follow the most appropriate pathway to formal accreditation. Most students are entered for GCSE Foundation Tier Maths.

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Music Stuff Education (MSE) is a specialist independent school for secondary age children with social emotional and mental health needs (SEMH), based in Greater Manchester.