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A safe and welcoming learning environment where all pupils have the means to succeed and flourish

The philosophy for MS Education is one of dedication to development of human potential as a way of increasing a sense of personal identity, self-belief, and confidence, as well as providing access to new experiences and knowledge. MS Education believes that fear of failure and some negative life patterns can stop young people achieving their full potential, and by finding ways to break destructive patterns, young people will experience raised self-esteem, increased aspirations, and develop a stronger sense of identity and personal pride.


To uphold this ethos MS Education will strive to:

  • Provide a safe and welcoming learning environment, where all pupils have the means to succeed.
  • Break down barriers to learning and development, creating successful lifelong learners.
  • Work with agencies and external professionals, to address and support issues underlining non/poor attendance and disengagement from education.
  • Reduce isolation, increase engagement, and develop confidence and self-esteem.
  • Promote diversity through ensuring equal access and development under the national curriculum for all pupils.
  • Develop positive, tolerant, and successful citizens of the community through a focus on spiritual, moral, social, and cultural education programmes.


Purpose and Methodology:

MS Education offers a specialist provision for secondary age pupils who are struggling within mainstream schooling.

In addition to admitting pupils from Y7-Y11 via a consultation process with LEAs; as per the EHCP protocols, this can result in MSE being the named school for a given pupil; we also offer alternative education provision (separately).

Placements are tailored to suit the needs of partners and the pupils; MS Education can accommodate full time placements which begin at any point during an academic year. Additionally, MS Education can offer short term placements intended to support pupils in overcoming specific barriers, before transitioning back to a mainstream setting.

From referral, MS Education will consider the individual needs of a pupil and using a target driven process, devise an individual learning plan which supports personal, social, and academic development. MS Education will utilise rigorous assessment to tailor support and focus on shrinking the progress gap between pupils and their peers.

The foundation of our offer is reliant on our acceptance that emotional, social, and behavioural needs must be supported to ensure that academic progress can be achieved. Through a (proven) successful model which incorporates positive reinforcement, high quality teaching, continuous assessment, multi-agency collaboration, and therapeutic pedagogy we ensure that pupils have the tools to succeed.

Classrooms are comparatively smaller than that of a mainstream setting; pupils are taught in class sizes of between 3-10 pupils and there is a much higher staff to pupil ratio. Wrap around support is essential, and teachers provide regular intensive support and guidance to assess understanding and ensure progression. Reduced class size and increased support are key measures which alongside our wider approach, enable us to take down barriers to learning.


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Music Stuff Education (MSE) is a specialist independent school for secondary age children with social emotional and mental health needs (SEMH), based in Greater Manchester.