General enquiries should be addressed to:

Mr M. T. McCann, Headteacher

Music Stuff

195 Fog Lane



M11 4UA

Phone: 07483 357 679

Music  Stuff

About Us


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It is my distinct privilege to welcome you to Music Stuff Education and share with you some information about our school.


Music Stuff is an alternative education provider which specialises in educating disengaged young people throughout Greater Manchester.


For the past fifteen years Music Stuff has delivered Music and Multi-Media based Vocational programmes to suit the needs of Manchester's youth community.


Taking this expertise, whilst fostering our inclusive approach, we transitioned into an independent school in 2011 and have since seen expediential progress and growth. ​​


We pride ourselves on supporting vulnerable young people through their secondary academic studies. It is a great honour to support all of our academic community in embracing our school philosophy.

It is the firm belief of all staff that any young person is capable of succeeding if given the time, support and resources to do so. Within the past 5 years we have celebrated multiple successes; we continue to enjoy sharing positive results and successful progressions with pupils who assumed they would be destined for failure.

We recognise that our mission is constantly evolving so we will continue to advance our practices, team and resources to best support the young people we educate. Going forward we will ensure we continue to offer relevant qualifications, inclusive learning and unique interventions to develop lifelong learners who are respectable, employable and happy citizens of the community.