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Mr M. T. McCann, Headteacher

Music Stuff

195 Fog Lane



M11 4UA

Phone: 07483 357 679

Music  Stuff

About Us


All pupils within Music Stuff have been, or are at risk of being permanently excluded from mainstream secondary schools. Music Stuff believes that every child’s journey through education is unique, therefore we reject a ‘one size fits all’ approach to education and offer unique pathways for pupils to succeed and fulfil their upmost potential.

We recognise that all pupils have different barriers which potentially have a detrimental effect to the development, behaviour and learning of themselves and others. We accept that traditional methodologies for managing behaviour are not always effective and in some cases, have a negative impact on learning and development, so we look to break this cycle. The ethos of this policy is based upon a firm belief; that behaviour can be modified, through developing self-esteem, and offering effective support.

For full details of our approach, please consult our Behaviour for Learning policy: