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Music Stuff welcome partnerships with employers to support our Post 16 programme for years 9, 10 & 11. Please feel free to download our policy that can be found on the website.

As part of our programme we are setting up employment events and talks to help pupils make positive links to the world of work. We would like to hear from employers who feel they can support us with this.

Our employment event programme needs to work towards some strategic aims:

  • We have a range of practical options. We want to cover employment sectors that labour market data would suggest are the most likely options for our pupils. These might include construction, hair and beauty, retail etc


  • We also have a range of aspirational options. We want to cover a range of employment sectors that are aspirational for our pupils to work towards. These might include IT, management, engineering, Music and creative media, banking and self employed entrepreneurs etc.


  • We are gender neutral in our focus. We will focus equally on girls and boys. We do not want to offer boys construction and girls hair & beauty.


  • We want to build positive relationships with local employers to work together to offer our young people positive futures and economic security.


Please ring or email our Post 16 coordinator if you have any questions or feel you can support our programme.


Music Stuff Post 16 coordinator is

Callan Glean Assistant Head Teacher

Tel. 07483 357 466

Email. c.glean@musicstuffeducation.org