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As teachers you will be aware of the importance of CEIAG for our pupils. You will also be aware that Music Stuff are working towards the 8 Gatsby bench marks to provide a best practise Post 16 CEIAG programme for our pupils. As teachers you are an important part of the team that can help us achieve this by supporting a number of key strategies

  • CEIAG will be taught by teachers and visiting professionals as part of the PHSRE curriculum.

  • CEIAG will also be embedded within all core subjects, particularly Maths, English, Science and Art.

  • Teachers will share good practice both internally and externally with other schools and CEIAG practitioners.

  • Teachers will be familiar with the Post 16 policy and the wider CEIAG programme.


If you have any questions then please contact the Post 16 coordinator:

Music Stuff Post 16 coordinator is:

Callan Glean, Assistant Head Teacher

Tel. 07483 357 466

Email. c.glean@musicstuffeducation.org