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Mr M. T. McCann, Headteacher

Music Stuff

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Phone: 07483 357 679

Music  Stuff

About Us


We recognise the importance of outdoor learning; so we strive to offer opportunities everyday for you child to engage in outdoor play. As a small school; some of our centres do not have playground facilities, therefore we have developed a community cohesion programme.

We source, utilise, and promote services, parks and outdoor areas to enrich our school day/curriculum. We believe that by promoting access with these fantastic services, that we are encouraging our young people to become positive citizens within their communities. Each centre has a public greenspace within walking distance, which has been risk assessed, and is accessible to pupils (weather permitting) every day.

For full details of these spaces please click here.


As Music Stuff does not have full PE facilities and resources onsite we deliver our PE offer offsite at a variety of chosen locations. We promote community cohesion and build up relationships with other professionals so that we are able to deliver a PE offer that meets the needs of our pupils.

We do this through practical lessons led by specialists where necessary as well as imbedded cross curricular learning.

All of the providers/services we use undergo a vetting process in accordance with the educational visits policy to ensure that they are adequately resourced and facilitated to meet the needs of our pupils.


Please click here for full access to our Physical Education policy.