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For Parents/ Carers

As a parent or carer Music Stuff understand how important it is to you that your child does well at school and is able to move on after they leave. Music Stuff has a post 16 strategy that has working in partnership with parents and carers at its core. We want to work with you to ensure all our pupils have a college course, apprenticeship or job to move on to. It is also important that your child feels ready for this transition in their life and they are given the skills and advice to do this.

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Contact Details:

Music Stuff Post 16 coordinator

Callan Glean Assistant Head Teacher

Tel. 07483 357 466

Email. c.glean@musicstuffeducation.org

Music Stuff will offer a range of support and activities

  • Online careers guidance

  • Careers information booklets in each centre

  • Employers from different sectors giving talks. These will be things like

    • Construction

    • Hair dressing

    • Nursery care

    • Mechanics

    • IT

    • Banking

    • Catering

    • Etc...

  • Work experience opportunities in years 10 & 11

  • Job profiles to give pupils information about what the job will be, wages, hours etc

  • Employability courses to help pupils with interviews, CV writing, filling out applications etc

  • Advice from careers advisers.

  • Opportunities to go to college open days.

  • Help with applying for college courses or apprenticeships.

  • Help relating lessons to actual jobs or careers.

  • University visits.

As parents and carers there are some practical things you can do to support your child.

  • Encourage your child to take part is as many careers activities as possible in school.

  • Encourage your child to start to think about what they may want to do after school as early as possible.

  • Do not pressure your child but let them know how important it is to take careers and post 16 choices seriously.

  • Encourage your child to be pro active in finding out information, asking questions & going online to get advice about careers and post 16.

  • Communicate with Music Stuff at any time if you have any concerns or just need advice and support.